Saturday, February 7, 2009

The bees are buzzing!

Today was a gorgeous day and when it's this nice my thoughts always turn to the bees. We've been checking them out weekly or so to keep the top entrances open and to check for numbers of dead bees. One hive seems to have a lot more dead than the other, but it made us wonder if that hive was still alive. Maybe there weren't any bees left alive to remove the dead ones.

Craig always said to look, smell, and listen. We can't look at them yet and can't smell anything, so today we got Don's stethoscope out and took it over to the hives. We placed the scope over the top entrance hole and heard a lovely humming coming through loud and clear from both hives!

I guess I am a worry-wart beekeeper, but I was so happy to know that both hives were alive. I know we aren't out of danger yet; I worry about whether our bees had enough stores to make it all winter. It's very hard to have to wait to open the hives.

We've ordered two more bee packages for April delivery. If both our hives survive the spring we'll be able to build our apiary to four hives. I think that's about all we'll be able to handle as hobbyists. I'm looking forward to comparing how the bees do who don't have to spend all their energy building comb like the package bees will have to do.

Wishing that all of your bees make it through and that you can continue to enjoy the bees again this year!

Bee Mary

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Phyllis said...

Hey everyone,

It looks like my bees have survived so far, which is amazing since so many didn't. I began feeding a week ago - actually because I am moving to Omak Steina is taking over my hive and is feeding the bees. I heard that Dave has suggested that we spread soy flour outside the hive to give them protein as a substitute for pollen. Has anyone tried this?