Saturday, February 10, 2018

Wrong for 50 years

Varroa mites do NOT suck hemolymph!

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Craig Lints sent me this method. It works! I too have killed thousands using his technique.


Heard you were having problems with yellowjackets.  I have lost two hives so far.  Once,they discover a weakness, they are like a shark feeding frenzy.

In the last couple days I have worked out something that seems to help.

What I've found is that removing the dead hive doesn't help.  They just move down the line and start on the next hive.  They have a homing instinct to the food source and even when it is removed they keep searching for a weakness in an adjacent hive.

So I got the idea of leaving the dead hive as a bait hive.  

What I do is take an empty super and staple screen over the top.  Then remove the lid on the bait hive and put a pan of soapy water on top of the frames. Cover this with the screened super.  Wasps come in the bottom entrance and feed. When they leave, they sense the light above and try to leave via the top.  They mob the screen trying to get out.  Bouncing around in the top box, they eventually splash into the soapy water and die.

Two things are important.  First not any way out of the top box. I tape it to the box below.  And be sure the screen is very tight.  The smallest gap and they will find it.  Second, put blocks under the tray of soapy water so it is close to the screen, maybe an inch or so.  

So far I have killed thousands.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bees coming in April

Gib Earl will bring five frame nucs to the valley in April as he has done in previous years. You can visit the Methow Beekeepers site on Facebook or contact Paul Jennings or Dave Sabold for more information.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Bee Wear

I had a long phone conversation with Bill Allen in Seattle. He produces clothing with bee images, which you can see at He will do custom design and production too. I'll attempt to post an image of his images so you can see them right here. Meanwhile you can click on his website.

Friday, April 25, 2014

FYI Methow Valley Beekeepers: I received an email request this morning asking me to post the website of these northwest queen breeders :

Friday, February 7, 2014

MV Beekeepers Community
Opportunity to order Nucs for the 2014 season. 
5 Frame Nucs
With the popularity of Gib’s nucs on the rise, he has given the Methow Valley the priority in receiving Nucs – last year he sold out and this year he is already getting lots of positive attention.  If we get to 100, Nucs Gib will deliver to the MV in mid-April – included in the cost below!  (The Sabold’s is his only delivery spot)
Here is the scoop:
1.      5 frame Deep Nucs with Cross Queen in Cage…………… $116.60
2.      Cross Queen in Cage………………………………………….$27 (Carniolian or Carniolian cross with Italian… there will be mixed color worker bees)

Wooden Ware and Frames!
New opportunity to load-up on Hive Bodies, Westerns and Supers.  We have all spent too much on shipping and labor assembling – now there is an option you might be interested in.  Place your order with the Nucs and Hive Kit will be delivered here the same day as your Nucs.  Pretty cool.  Below is a list of essentials.  Treated wooden wear is what Gib does for his 2500 hives – he hot dips in a blend of Linseed oil and Beeswax.  Is a natural and long lasting treatment.  You cannot paint the box after this treatment – it will weather like natural wood and look more natural in our valley.
Item List:
1.      Deep Box with 10 frames, Treated & Assembled………….$55.00 ea
2.      Deep Frames by themselves…………………………………$ 3.65 ea. (All frames are Mann Lakes assembled and wax coated ritecell foundation)
3.      Deep box, Treated & Assembled…………………………....$23.35 ea
4.      Western boxes with 10 frames assembled and treated…. $50.10 ea
5.      Western Frames by themselves………………………….…..$ 3.35 ea
6.      Western Box assembled and treated………………………..$21.15 ea
7.      Cedar Hive Lid…………………………………………………$23.00 ea
What to do –
1.      Email your list of items in the next couple weeks, 
2.      In late February I will send out another email confirming the quantities – you can amend your order at that time. 
3.      Payment at the time of the order.  March First – Mail a check to me, made out to:  Gib Earl
I will hold these checks for Gib until he delivers. 
4.      With receipt of your check your order will be confirmed. 
Marilyn & Dave Sabold have generously offered to host the NUC Pick-up. Thank you Sabolds’!  In order to not be to be a burden - this year all items must be picked up by 11am.  If you cannot make it by noon you can ask a friend to pick-up on your behalf. 

Queen Bees
If you need to re-queen or want to make splits  – Gib is offering Queens .
A Queen is $27 (each) and will be delivered at the same time as the Nucs (delivered here to the Methow in Mid-April).

Sunday, November 17, 2013

November Newsletter

The November 2013 issue of the Washington State Beekeepers Association newsletter has now been posted. Pick up your copy from the main page at by clicking on "Newsletters & Info" on the home page. Then click "Current issue: November 2013" on the page that opens.